Friday, March 4, 2011

Weekend Reading

Not sure where you live, but the weekend forecast around here is sunny and 70s which equals beach and a book... and not just any book. Sometimes Tolstoy or Proust can be a bit heavy for a beach retreat, you know? My solution: revert back to your childhood days where "Choose Your Own Adventure" was the biggest rage. Emma Campbell Webster has recaptured the page-turning excitement in this "grown-up" version. The main character is Elizabeth Bennet--but you are by no means stuck in a Mr. Darcy world. I have taken many quick adventures with this book and so far have managed to *gasp* marry Mr. Collins, spend a spooky weekend in Northanger Abbey, take a trip with Jane to Bath, all the while collecting (or losing!) Confidence and Intelligence points. It's silly, clever, and simple.

If you have a baby banana attached to your hip (as I currently do) then you know that your beach bag will be overflowing with so much equipment it seems as though you packed for an army and not a tiny little being. Stuff a board book into any pocket left--it will be very useful when trying to coax your child to sit still under an umbrella for snacktime. A lasting favorite in our collection is Rod Campbell's Dear Zoo. Nothing makes the little ones happier than a lift-the-flap book full of animals. Spoiler Alert: the book ends with a puppy being the perfect pet, which of course is every child's dream, right?

Perfect hot weather snack? Frozen chocolate covered bananas. Add some sprinkles or nuts for pizzaz. Find out how to make them here.


Sherry said...

My weekend reading will be finishing up The Politician - An insider's account of John Edwards's pursuit of the presidency and the scandal that brought him down, followed by Made In Detroit - A south of 8 mile memoir by Paul Clemens.

Not quite warm enough up here in nor cal for frozen banana snacks yet but those look fantastic. Had some bananas (along with blueberries & strawberries) on my oatmeal this morning though. ;)

Christy said...

Your weekend reading sounds intense! Yum to the fruity oatmeal breakfast.

Sherry said...

I should try reading for adventure sometime -- sounds fun. The bad thing about reading The Politician is that while I find it interesting having worked on campaigns, I also feel as if I need to take a shower after reading it. So much slime, yeck.

Banana Freud said...

Just last night I finished Jincy Willett's Winner of the National Book Award and I'm not sure what's next on the fiction front. However, I do have continuing ed hours to tend to. So this weekend I'll be studying marijuana abuse, sex addictions and sleep disorders. Sounds like a party weekend, doesn't it?

Sassy B. said...

Your reading sounds more like the Monday after a party weekend. Whenever I see the name "Jincy" I think it's supposed to be "Juicy." Haven't heard much about that book.