Monday, March 14, 2011

spring break officially begins, when?

Balcony view of the Gulf of Mexico?

A walk on the beach?

Kids playing in the sand?

Ice chest packed?

Yeahhh. Now we're talkin' spring break.

And no tar balls. Even after the BP Gulf disaster. Remember the estimated millions of gallons? Where did it all go? It's amazing. I thought our coast would be ruined but Texas saw little to no oil. We even enjoyed a shrimp boil last night.

How about it, readers? What signals spring break for you?

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Sassy B. said...

Sring is signaled by the blooming of the dogwood trees, which has not happened yet. When I taught, spring break was, well, whenever the university said it was.

Looky at that banana snuggled up to Vodka. ;)