Friday, March 11, 2011

The Politician

When the lurid news came out about John Edwards and his infidelity while campaigning to be elected president, I was disappointed. I had actually raised money for his campaign believing him to be someone who would take into account the needs of average working Americans. As details of his personal scandal were revealed, it wasn't long before someone emerged who claimed to have the best juicy details, including a sex tape. This person had also figured out that he should quickly write a book to maximize his ability to cash in on all the public interest. After seeing Andrew Young on various shows trying to justify his behavior in the scandal as well as hocking his 'tell all' book, I was disgusted by him. The last thing that seemed fair, was to have this opportunist make a dime off this embarrassing escapade in American politics.

Although I did recently read Young's book against my earlier thoughts, I'm glad to say at least I didn't buy a copy of it. The copy I read was from the library. Not a dime from me!

Political waters are teeming with sharks with sociopathic tendencies. This book tells the story of the damage that can ensue when forces bring together three such bad bananas: John Edwards, Andrew Young and Rielle Hunter.

You may want to read this book if you've ever worked on a political campaign. You're sure to recognize the archetypal  roles and personalities depicted. Otherwise, it might be wise to steer clear of The Politician just like you'd instinctively avoid any other manipulative and opportunistic bad banana in your life.


Janell said...

I have never heard the phrase until this day "opportunistic bad banana."
I am so not fond of John Edwards. He is a wolf in sheep's clothing. I think one of the most cruel things about this was Elizabeth Edwards cancer. Some of these men think they can avoid drama (of cancer) by pretending they are someone else, having affairs, leaving their wives, generally being unconscious and selfish. I'm (also) thinking of Newt Gingrich leaving his cancer-y wife while she was in hospital (and now I hear he may be running for prez.) Why is it when the shit hits the fan (cancer) the men run off and think this behavior is justified some how? (I know it's not all men but still).
And Rielle Hunter... I recall a Dr. Phil-ism for these folks. "If he'll do it with you, he'll do it to you." So how long do you suppose he'll be with her before she leaves him for a younger man or he leaves her for someone who does not have cancer?

Sassy B. said...

You make a very good point. Edwards's affair was going to get a lot of attention anyway but because his wife Elizabeth was well known and admired for her public struggle with breast cancer, this added an element of luridness (and rightly so). People expect politicians to be sorta slimey but it's too low to cheat on your partner who also has cancer. Hello, Newt (can you believe he thinks he has a chance to be president?)But, while we're shocked by this, it probably happens more often then we care to believe.

That was one of the things that really bugged me about this book by Young -- his nastiness toward Elizabeth Edwards. He also took pot shots at Kerry's wife Teresa Heinz. Just a good ol' boy jerk and one big ol' bad banana.

yogurt said...

I liked Edwards. I believed in him. So count me among those who were whole heartedly disappointed. But mostly just plain sad for his wife and kids.

I'm not especially prone to read books for lurid details but I do like insider stories about campaigns. I read Primary Colors by Anonymous (Joe Klein) and really liked seeing how things worked. And where the opportunities for corruption present themselves. And how every blasted politician has succommmed at one point or another. Sigh.

Banan Appealing said...

They are all a bunch of toe-tapping pervs and liars. Except for whomever I vote for. That John Edwards, I could slap him. Then again, karma's a bitch and I'll bet Rielle is not that far behind karma.

Sassy B. said...

"...I'll bet Rielle is not that far behind karma."

Good one! Also liked "toe-tapping pervs." LOL