Saturday, March 26, 2011

The View from Here

I enter the forest like into a temple
There is a purple thistle
at the entrance
and the moss on the Alder tree
is so soft.

Spiders made webs
on the path
between Sword Ferns:
connecting and trapping.

I wait for my senses
to get adjusted to a different world:
light is diffused,
in moisture, sounds,
mushrooms, soil.

This is the song of a Banana Slug:

To pause,
to dream,
to wait for a vision;
this is the dance
of a Banana Slug.

by Hirsh Diamant


Sassy B. said...

"However, few humans actually realise that slugs are in fact one of the most highly emotional creatures in the world, and are deeply hurt by the regular insults made against them. One can often find a slug leaving behind a trail of tears on the garden path, particularly when the said slug feels it is being continually stared and smirked at."

A whole new world has been revealed to me by following your link. Note to the sensitive banana slug, you are safe from smirks here.

Janell said...

Anyone who'd get *that* close to a banana or any slug is nuts!