Monday, April 25, 2011

meet me monday for the meme?

because of Easter Sunday, the weekly meme i do has taken a break for the week.
and this is actually, a bit of a blessing in disguise as my blogging mojo has also taken a holiday.  i'm not even sure that i could adequately answer 5 questions.
so, my offering for this monday is, in part, thanks to the resident 8-year-old in our house. 
ever since we first got the movie despicable me, we have watched it no less than once a day.
i speak the truth.
oh, we may not watch it all completely, but....there are some parts we have seen hundreds dozens of times.
in one of our favorite parts....every time i see it, i think of you....yes, you.
and you.

So, now, thanks to this movie, that resident 8-year-old has been singing "CopaBanana"....quite often.
Have a great week everyone!!!


Sassy B. said...

A great send off for a sassy week ahead.

~Billie~ said...

Too cute! We LOVE that movie here, as well. Have a wonderful week!