Sunday, April 10, 2011

a different kind of MondayMeme

Good morning, friends.
It's Monday morning here in Japan and the day has started out just hoping it continues but, as the weather forecast just said "possible rain" (or actually ame furu kamoshirimasen), it may not end that way.
Usually, I am the Monday Memer here at the Banana, but, the last time I checked, Java hadn't posted the questions yet....(I do hope she's out enjoying the heck out of a good Sunday).  I need to get a move on here this morning so I'll do my own meme-like post....

Question:  What are 5 things, in your home, you do NOT like to run out of?
Hmmmmm.....after doing a bit of thinking, here are mine (and depending on the day, the mood and the situation, the order may be different!!):

I have an "emergency supply" of coffee in various places in the house....running out of coffee is NOT something I like to experience.  The boys in the house appreciate this stock of coffee as, on the occasions of no coffee, I have been know to send said small children, money in hand, to the closest vending machine where they can get a couple of cans of the precious liquid for me.
And yes, to answer the possible question you might have, we do have cans (hot and cold) of coffee in our vending machines.  Yes, hot cans.  On a cold winter day, the coffee warms not only your body and spirit, but the can warms your cold hands.  You really should look into this.
No explanation needed for this next one, me thinks.
With 2 young, growing boys and 1 husband who still drinks milk, running out is not something we like to have happen.  I buy, daily, 2 liters of milk.  
FYI...the liter container is the largest available....on our trips to the States, the boys are tickled by the gallon jugs in the stores.  They just look so huuuuuuge!!! (^-^)
(I'm not even sure one would fit in my fridge....yes, even the fridges are a bit smaller here!!)
Lord have mercy on me if we run out of this!!!
We go through about 10 kilos (22 pounds), give or take a bit, of rice a month.
As we eat it for dinner 4 or 5 times a week...and Issei likes it for breakfast of a morning...this is something I do not like to run out of. 
I hate not having extra cash on hand.
Whether it's for the newspaper lady...or either one of the boys remembering he needs a notebook/bus money/whatever  3 minutes before he walks out the door for school...I always try to keep some extra..somewhere.  I have a cup on the windowsill of the bathroom for money left in pockets or found on the floor that has been used on those few times I didn't have enough.
What about you?  What are your 5 things??

Have a great week everyone.


Lee said...

My five things:

1. coffee
2. half n half for coffee
3. low sodium soy sauce for sushi
4. hot sauce (crystal & rooster) for eggs, tacos, etc.
5. chocolate

Christy said...

1. Diapers and baby wipes
2. Milk
3. Cracklin Oat Bran cereal
4. toothpaste
5. coffee and creamer

I love that coffee is on all of our lists. A simple necessity.

Karen said...

1. tea bags
2. skim milk, for tea
3. paper towels
4. tissues
5. dishwasher detergent

dkuroiwa said...

yay caffeine!!
i really do like lists like's interesting to see what our friends find important/think about.

chocolate!! i had forgotten about that...of course, i'm NEVER without so didn't even think about it!! ;-D

and thanks to little ladies handing out tissue packs as advertisement for this, that and the other shops and services, we are NEVER without tissues either!!

Thanks ladies for adding yours!!