Monday, May 30, 2011

meet me NEXT monday...for the meme....

Due to the Memorial Day holiday, Java, the hostess of the regular MeetMeOnMonday meme, is spending the day with her family and there is no meme for us to do today.
I was going to try and find something else but, I have to admit that I'm tired and I hope to get to bed before midnight tonight. 
 Yeah, I know...good luck, right? (^-^)

I hope that you all
(especially those of you celebrating the Memorial Day weekend)
are having a good one. 
I hope that you are with your family and friends and celebrating what is
Please be safe.
And please....don't forget to give thanks
to those who gave the utmost of sacrifice
so we could have the freedom to live our lives the way we want.

*all images borrowed from GoogleImages....


Lee said...

Wonderful tribute to our service men & women. Especially like the very last image at the Vietnam War Memorial. ~ peace ~

dkuroiwa said...

that last one is my favorite of all the pictures i found....i remember, oh so long ago, when i went to DC and saw the memorial...for so long i just stood away from it...looking at it...gathering in the energy and sadness that surrounds it. probably one of the most moving things i have ever seen.

Janell said...

A lovely tribute. Thanks for sharing.