Monday, May 2, 2011

meet debbie on monday (with java...the person AND a cuppa, if you have it!)

Good morning, everyone.
Java is back with her weekly Monday Meme over at Never Growing Old....
it really is a great way to "meet" people.
Come on and join me...
here we go:


1. What is your favorite kind of muffin?
Not too terribly difficult to answer..unless, there are also zucchini or poppy seed ones to choose from.
Blueberry, baby....give me the blueberry ones!!!
2. What was the first car you ever owned?
When I was 16, I baby-sat and cleaned offices and did whatever I could to pay for my
baby blue VW......she had a tan rear end and a green back, left fender...
her name was Besty....
and I loved her.
(and she looked pretty dang close to this one!!)
3. Which TV Show were you sad to see end? many shows I have been sad to see end over the years...but (other than M*A*S*H, which had to end because, well...the war was over) , probably the one I hated to see come to an end most was
St. Elsewhere....I loved that show!!!
mmmmmMark Harmon!!
4. What is your lucky number?
Hmmmm....haven't really thought of that one....
I'm not even sure I have a lucky number.
I have other lucky things, but, number.
5. Pretzels or Potato Chips?
Oh, Lordy.....chips.
And if you really want me to be happy....
give me some of these, please:
And if you really wanna show me some love?
These will work even better......
*yeah...i know...chocolate AND potato chips??
If you like both of these delicious things, then...really...
you need to try them together.
You'll thank me.

Have a great week everyone!!!


Connie said...

Great answers. It is fun to get to know other bloggers.

Stopping by from the MMOM blog hop.

I am your newest follower. Stop by sometime and say hi on my blog.

Lee said...

It is extremely important that I never try a chocolate covered potato chip. Ever.

Christy said...

Maybe because I am currently pregnant and chowing down beef jerky at 10AM (something that usually is repulsive to me) but now the thought of these chocolate covered chips... oh boy. I need them now... like right now. Where do I find them? :)

Janell said...

I'm with Lee. No chips in my chocolate - a-tall.

Janell said...

Not that you asked but my fave muffin is all.

Lee said...

Even liver & lima bean muffins?

dkuroiwa said...

for me, one who has absolutely NO control when it comes to eating those incredibly delicious potato chips, it is a VERY good thing that we can only buy them here (in japan) at specialty stores or if there is a special food exhibition at the grocery store. my friends who travel to tokyo (where they are more widely available) know what to buy me as a souvenier!!!

and are always welcome to offer answers on monday!! (^-^) i do wanna know!!
lee....i'll pass on the liver part, but a few weeks ago at a bakery, they had edamame muffins and strangely enough...they were pretty good!!!

thanks ladies for stopping by. ya'll have a great week!!!

Banana Freud said...

My first thought is blueberry muffin but I've got a recipe for strawberry muffins and one for apple muffins that are both to die for.

My first car was a datsun hatchback - baby blue! I loved that car,loved mastering a stick shift, loved the freedom. Driving a station wagon full of kids just ain't the same!

Show I was sad to see end - Everybody Loves Raymond.

The number I think will be lucky for me on the pool table is 15. Well not ON the pool table but while I'm beside the table shooting pool. Doesn't always work out lucky, though.

Pretzels for sure. Unless we're talking about Salt 'n Vinegar chips. Those are my weakness. Want top secret information out of me? Forget water boarding. Dangle a few vinegar chips and I'll squeal like a pig.