Saturday, May 14, 2011

Saturday Snapshot - Beach Town Drama

I love taking Bella to the dog beach. We have a great time. This weekend the weather is supposed to rain. Darn it. This photo was taken just last Saturday.

Today (if you are reading on Saturday, May 14th) is a big homecoming for a local American Idol hero, James Durbin. So sad he got the boot off the show - shocking (at least to me, and no reason to watch the show any further - patooey!)

Don't you think that one guy remaining looks like Howdy Doody and GWB mixed?

photo courtesy topidolblog

Speaking of AmHairIcan...
My niece is opening up a hair salon. We've been trying to come up with catchy names. I think the name Am-HAIR-I-can I Doll is catchy though really, really dumb.

If you have any suggestions for hair salon names, post in the comments. I hope I get more comments on the salon name than I got on my Wordless Wednesday post concerning dog slobber. *snort*

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dkuroiwa said...

i was a bit disapointed that james got the boot...we are a couple of weeks behind you all so it's going to be kind of hard to watch.
and just for the record...personally, i think scotty looks like mad magazine's alfred e. newman (what? me worry?).

if you're trying to find a name for the salon, you could always do what (it seems) most japanese owners do....just go to the dictionary and randomly pick a word and VOILA! there you go. (cases in point: Pillow, Upside Down and, my favorite Daqueri). good luck.