Friday, June 17, 2011

Weekend Review

I love the X-Men movies. I thought it was because I am madly in love with Patrick Stewart. But after watching the new "X-Men: First Class" movie, I think it is just that I am in love with the character of Charles Xavier. (I am now seriously considering naming my son Charles Xavier!)

Even if you haven't watched the other X-Men movies or know anything about the comics, I still recommend this film. It is a prequel and while it's helpful to know the ultimate destiny of some of the main characters, it certainly isn't required. This movie has an amazing cast, including the lovely January Jones. At first I was shocked to see Kevin Bacon cast as the villian, but he actually did a great job. This film was directed by Matthew Vaughn (director of "Kick-Ass") and I think it was actually better than the previous X-Men films. I read a few reviews where people didn't believe the friendship chemistry between Charles and Erik (later known as Professor X and Magneto) but I thought it was believable and well acted.

I think the reason I love the X-Men movies is because they are action packed (which my husband likes) but the plot lines are intriguing and captivating and the dialogue isn't cheesy (which I like.) So even if you choose to stay away from the typical comic book flick, you might actually enjoy this one.


Sassy B. said...

Kevin Bacon was recently on Wait Wait promoting the new X-Men flick. He's a funny guy! Who knew?

yogurt said...

I had to flip to imdb to see if the actor pictured is James McAvoy from Atonement .. and bingo, it is him. He was so good in that movie. And here's my true confession - I don't even know what X-Men movies are. Just call me X-tra clueless.