Friday, June 10, 2011

Weekend Review

I bet you're thinking, "Really? She's gonna recommend this?!" I know, I am surprised as well. I usually stick with 19th century romances, light-hearted comedies, dramas, and the occasional sci-fi. "Game of Thrones" is bloody, disturbing, overly sexual (like all the HBO shows!), slow paced at times, and gory. But it's GOOD. And addictive. There are ten episodes to Season 1, with the finale airing in a week. That gives you all one week to catch up on the first nine episodes!

Quick plot overview: This series is based on a series of fantasy novels written by George R. R. Martin. I am tempted to read these books now. There are three main storylines that are slowly merging together and I am excited to see if the finale unites them even more. The main story is of Lord Stark, the Hand of the King, and his family and their strained relationship with the King and his family, the Lannisters. You will come to despise the Lannisters with the exception of Tyrion, the dwarf or imp as they call him, who is clever and witty and one of the best characters and actors on the show. The second storyline is at "the Wall", which is literally a huge wall that serves as a border and is guarded 24 hours a day to protect it from "creatures" that I can only assume to be some sort of zombies. The last storyline is the one I am fascinated with and that is the tribe of Dothraki warriors, led by Drogo and his new young wife Daenerys. I can't give away much about her except that her storyline involves dragons and she is simply awesome.

Okay, so I just went back and read this and I am not sure anyone will buy into this show as it does sound totally strange, but hang in there for at least a few episodes and I am sure you will be hooked. However, beware that it is pretty graphic at times and on more than one occasion I have had to cover my eyes or hide in my husband's shoulder! Happy watching!


Lee said...

I dunno about this one, but I do know the world would be a pretty boring place if we all watched the same things and read the same books.

I'm getting ready to re-watch the initial season of The Big C in preparation for the second season that's going to start soon. Currently watching Nurse Jackie faithfully every Monday night. Love that show. And someday maybe Mad Men will resume.

Christy said...

Mad Men! I miss me some Donald Draper! :)